In addition to freelance writing, Crystal also works as a freelance editor. Send her your written work for content editing, corrections to grammar, and overall polishing.

Throughout her career Crystal has worked regularly as an editor of other people’s writing. Her experience as an editor spans everything from newsletters and articles to ebooks, website content and layout, and promotional materials. She has even edited personal and professional letters and emails.

Rates are based on a per project basis, factoring in the length and complexity of the document being edited.

“My first priority when editing is maintaining the voice of the writer. It is critical that an editor not impose his or her tone on a document written by someone else. I begin each project with a few thorough readings of the document, taking notes as I go. I ask questions of the writer to ensure I have a complete understanding of the document’s purpose and intended audience. To me, editing is very much a collaborative effort with the writer, whether the project is a one-page letter or an entire book. I do not dictate; I suggest changes that can improve the clarity and flow of the document, while also correcting any technical errors of grammar or punctuation. The goal, always, is to produce a document the writer believes in and can present with confidence. “ ~ Crystal Smith