Finding Focus at Fifty

The number 50I’m officially four months out from my fiftieth birthday. This seems as good a time as any for the next incarnation of my “balancing my life” project. I’ve had many starts and stops over the past several years, trying various things to improve my eating habits, increase physical activity, and reduce stress. Other deadlines–45th birthday, last summer, last Christmas–have all come and gone without any major change. But 50 is different. It is a major milestone and I hope it is the deadline that sticks.

It’s not that I mind getting older or looking older. I just don’t like feeling older, physically and mentally. I’m out of shape, heavier than I should be, and having aches and pains when rising in the morning and before bed at night. I’m forgetful and fatigued and just not as sharp and energetic as I want to be. (Hands up if you can relate!)

My state of unfocused inertia is affecting me professionally as well. I’ve been struggling to find a new direction for my writing for some time. I know there is another chapter to my professional life, but I lack the drive and wherewithal to start it.

So this post is my challenge to myself. It is a published commitment to get back on track, not a quiet promise to myself that I can find an excuse to break. I’m putting it out there to hold myself accountable. I will get my act together by the time I turn fifty. And, hey, I think I’ll even write about it. This may be just the new direction I need.

I’ll start by looking back at the things I found success with, even though I ultimately abandoned them. There really are some solid building blocks in these books and I plan to pull them all together as I start my “50 and Focused” plan.

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi. My yoga bible that I have been consulting far too rarely of late.

Perfect Health by The Chopra Centre

Perfect Health by The Chopra Centre. An approach to nutrition that really worked for me.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Although I assumed otherwise, the title is not hyperbole. There is something life-changing about an uncluttered environment.







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