Crystal writes short ebooks designed to be read quickly, but can also do long-form.

Businesses interested in a custom ebook can contact Crystal at crystalsmith.writer@gmail.com.

Crystal sells her own ebooks  in epub format through Gumroad. When you purchase through Gumroad, you are given an option to open the file on your device, download the epub, or open it in the Gumroad app on your device. Gumroad will also send you an email with a download link. The steps to access the book from your email are a little cumbersome. This quick overview tells you how to do it:

  1. Click the Download button provided.
  2. Select a browser.
  3. You will see the cover image of the book. Click the area below the cover, where there is an outline of an open book and the name of the book.
  4. A dropdown will open. Click Download.
  5. An EPUB logo opens. Click Download in the bottom right of the window. You will then be given an “Open In” option. Choose your preferred ebook reader there.