Freelance Editing

Prepare your professional documents for publication with help from an editor. Crystal combines the following skills into her comprehensive editing services:

  • Structural Editing–A structural or content edit looks at the flow and organization of a document and includes suggestions for re-arranging, condensing or expanding, and adding new writing to provide smooth transitions between sections. If you are adapting written text to a website, content editing can also include suggested divisions and links between pages.
  • Stylistic Editing–A stylistic edit focuses on achieving consistency of tone and usage, streamlining sentence structure, checking for repetition, and polishing any rough spots in the text.
  • Copy Editing–A copy edit is a more detailed review of things like punctuation, abbreviations, spelling, and capitalization to ensure correct and consistent usage.
  • Proofreading–A proofread is generally done on a final copy as a final pass to look for any errors or omissions after more detailed editing has been completed.

“My first priority when editing is maintaining the voice of the writer. It is critical that an editor not impose his or her tone on a document written by someone else. I begin each project with a few thorough readings of the document, taking notes as I go. I ask questions of the writer to ensure I have a complete understanding of the document’s purpose and intended audience. To me, editing is very much a collaborative effort with the writer, whether the project is a one-page letter or an entire book. I do not dictate; I suggest changes that can improve the clarity and flow of the document, while also correcting any technical errors of grammar or punctuation. The goal, always, is to produce a document the writer believes in and can present with confidence. “ ~ Crystal Smith

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