Miscellanea, June 27, 2021

miscellanea /mɪsəˈleɪnɪə/ n. pl. : a collection of miscellaneous objects or writings [Latin]

This week, a focus on the legacy of residential schools in Canada. 

What are we going to do about it? 

After the 751 graves found at the Marieval Residential School in Saskatchewan, an interview with Dr. Cindy Blackstock, executive-director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.  A must-listen. 

Colonialism was the biggest cancel culture…it meant erasing these children.” LInk via Twitter

Pushed out and silenced: How one doctor was punished for speaking out about residential schools

A look at Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce, a medical doctor who spoke out about residential schools in 1907, but was silenced by the government. This story also features Dr. Cindy Blackstock, who has been trying to restore his legacy. 

We all have a duty to our fellow human beings, to the land, the animals and to future generations to be morally courageous — to make sure that when we know better, we do better.” Dr. Cindy Blackstock, CBC Unreserved

‘It has never been a secret that children went missing’: Will the loss of 215 be a watershed moment?

Now that more graves have been found, hopefully we really are at a watershed moment. A thoughtful interview with Daniel Heath Justice, a professor of Critical Indigenous Studies and English at the University of British Columbia, and citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

I don’t think we can unearth hidden histories without pain, because pain is a part of why they’re buried. But we have to provide people with tools and resources to grapple with that in healthy ways…And I’m not just talking about Indigenous people’s pain. I think that non-Indigenous people don’t know how to deal with the horrors of histories that they have benefited from and inherited.” CBC Unreserved


Inendi is a film by Indigenous artist and filmmaker Sarain Fox, who seeks to document her auntie’s knowledge of language and culture before it is lost. It is a moving record of her auntie’s experience in residential school and a story of surviving, recovering, forgiving, and inspiring the next generation. 

 “Most Canadians don’t live with these fears and the persistent tension of loss.” CBC Gem

Sunset painting by Crystal Smith

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